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Medicare Advantage & Medicare Supplement Plans
in Washington

Online quotes make the selection of Medicare Supplements (Medigap policies) and Medicare Advantage plans much easier. Medicare Advantage plans include HMO plans, PPO plans and Private–Fee–For–Service (PFFS) plans. Helpful information guides you in the senior health insurance selection process in Washington State. An easy comparison chart of stand–alone Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) is also available.


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Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans and Medicare Advantage with Prescription Drugs (MAPD) Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans sometimes referred to as Medigap Policies

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Age 65 or Over and not Eligible for Medicare Benefits?

A great way to save money on student health insurance, purchase insurance for children at any time or get maternity coverage at the last minute.

Washington Health Program Individual Plan

Featured Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans and Medicare Advantage
with Prescription Drugs (MAPD) Plans
This may not be a complete listing of plans available in your service area. For a complete listing please contact 1-800-MEDICARE or consult


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Featured Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans

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Medicare supplemental health insurance is confusing and may seem to be overwhelming to many. Maybe this will help. There are two major categories of supplemental plans: government designed plans and government contracted plans.

Government designed plans are the Medicare Supplements or Medigap policies. They come in 12 standard choices with two of the choices available with a simple modification. The choices are called Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D, Plan E, Plan F, Plan G, Plan H, Plan I, Plan J, Plan K and Plan L and the modified plans are the High Deductible Plan F and the High Deductible Plan J. As the letters increase from A to J, the coverage generally increases and the premiums are generally higher. Plans K and L are lower coverage and lower cost alternatives. The high deductible versions simply impose a deductible before the insurance company pays any benefits as a way to cut your health insurance premium costs.

One important thing to remember. You don't have to waste much time trying to figure out which company's Plan F Medicare Supplement is better than the other company's. The government designed these senior health benefits and the insurance company is just providing the benefits. Cost is the only difference between two or more Plan F policies other than customer service and quality of company issues. The plans show above are notable because of the no–cost prescription discount card included.

Government contracted plans are the Medicare Advantage, Medicare Cost, Medicare PPO, and Medicare Private Fee For Service (PFFS) plans. For these plans, the insurance company and the government enter into a contract. As a perhaps an oversimplification, the government essentially provides the money and the insurance company provides the benefits and plan administration. The concept is that private industry can offer more benefits with the same money in exchange for some plan restrictions on your part, and they often do just that. Compare rates, view benefit brochures, and apply online with our easy to use site! Or have us help you decide!

A Medicare Advantage Private Fee–for–Service plan works differently than a Medicare supplement plan. Your doctor or hospital can continue to treat you if it agrees to accept the insurance company‚Äôs terms and conditions of payment, and thus may choose not to treat you, with the exception of emergencies. If your doctor or hospital does not agree to accept our payment terms and conditions, they may choose not to provide health care services to you, except in emergencies.

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