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You will find a selection of Washington group dental insurance plans, including plans from Securian Dental Insurance and Guardian Dental to choose from. You can compare the group dental insurance from Washington dental insurance prices available on this website, select the plan you like the best, and then easily and conveniently enroll online.

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Group Dental Insurance

Securian Dental Insurance

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Securian Dental in AZ is an affordable, easy–to–understand dental program for small groups of two employees to large groups. They offer flexibility, access to emergency coverage worldwide and unparalleled commitment to service. There are a variety of attractive voluntary and employer–paid choices for their indemnity and Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. Apply online.


Indemnity plans offer Washington Dental Insurance for Groups subscribers the freedom to visit any dentist in the United States with no effect on coverage.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

PPO plans offer subscribers maximum benefits when they visit a dentist in their broad dentist network. (They can visit any dentist with their PPO plans, but they may receive reduced benefits and increased out–of–pocket costs if they visit a non–network dentist.)


Guardian Dental Insurance

There is a strong connection between oral health and a person's overall health. A routine dental examination can detect symptoms of more than 125 diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, anemia, stomach ulcers, osteoporosis, and kidney disease.*

Guardian keeps over 6.7 million employees and dependents smiling by offering:

  • One of the largest Preferred Provider Organization networks with over 90,000 provider locations nationwide, charging an average of 30% less than what dentists usually charge
  • Flexible, creative, and low cost plans designed to maximize choice and minimize cost
  • Innovative offerings, including coverage of dental implants, early cancer detection exams, periodontal treatments, adult fluoride treatments, and Maximum Rollover, which allows members to roll over a portion of their unused premium for future use
  • Members also have access to vision network discounts, a value–added service provided as part of Guardian dental plans
  • Fast claims turnaround times – three days on average
  • 97% satisfaction rate among members who have seen a Guardian network dentist**
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The Standard Dental

Standard Insurance Company has a history of helping small companies fulfill their needs for employee benefits. Our line of group Dental insurance products enables small business owners with two or more employees to provide valuable group insurance coverage. Designed specifically for the small business market, our plans offer value through the right combination of features and service.

Standard Select Dental Product

The Standard offers a choice of three distinct Standard Select Dental plans:

  • The Standard SelectSM Optima CareSM (Plan 1) offers the most generous benefits in terms of frequency of procedures, expense classifications and coinsurance schedule.
  • The Standard SelectSM Banner Dental CareSM (Plan 2) is priced 11% less than the Optima Care plan, balances cost and quality care by covering essential procedures to maintain oral health while controlling expenses through procedure limitations.
  • The Standard SelectSM PPO Max (Plan 3) is priced 28% below the Banner Dental Care plan, using the Banner Dental Care procedure placement and frequency limits while also using the PPO negotiated fee amounts for the maximum claim allowance when insureds see out-of-network providers. This plan is only offered in areas where PPO provider density is high enough to maximize network usage and minimize service dissatisfaction with insureds.

Standard small employer group requirements

  • They insure only 30 hour plus employees
  • The employer has to have been in business for 2 years or be a spin–off in the same industry.
  • Need to keep the enrollment of those related by blood or family to 50% or less of the enrolled group.
  • There is a one year wait on major unless they have had dental for two years or one year with major covered.
  • The minimum employer contribution is 50% of the employee premium.

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