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About First Choice Health Insurance – The Team That Makes It Happen

Oregon License #: 100156922
Washington License #: 221612
Arizona License #: 171813
Idaho License #: 153034
E-mail: answers@ehealthlink.com
1-888-957-5001 Fax: 541-440-6944

First Choice Health Insurance, Inc. in Roseburg Oregon (formerly the John Gridley Agency) has been helping people meet their health insurance needs since 1991. In 2002 we created the ehealthlink.com website to extend help outside the Roseburg area to more people in the State of Oregon. In 2004 we expanded our coverage area to include the states of Washington and Arizona. In January of 2007 we moved into our new 7,500 square-foot headquarters building. Then in the summer of 2007 we added Idaho to our coverage area to help people with health insurance there as well. In early 2009 we added Utah, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico. We have tripled the number of agents over the last six years to provide the same caring service to a ever growing clientele. In August of 2010 we decided to discontinue offering coverage in Idaho, Colorado and New Mexico as a cost–saving measure due to low activity and the health reform law’s impact on our agency. Visit our Roseburg office on your next trip to Oregon.

Our Agents, Staff and Advisors
John R. Gridley
John Gridley is President &
Health Insurance Producer
Oregon License #: 1906792
Washington License#: 221617
Arizona License# : 171809
Idaho License #: 153033
E-mail: johng@ehealthlink.com
Ann K. Gridley
Ann Gridley is Secretary/Treasurer
& Health Insurance Producer
Oregon License #: 6232325
Washington License #: 221612
Arizona License #: 171808
E-mail: anng@ehealthlink.com
Joseph E. Fiddy
AFLAC Affiliate
Life & Health Insurance Producer
AFLAC Associate
Oregon License #: 1644089
E-mail: fidster@rosenet.net
Debbie L. Reilly
Health Insurance Producer
Oregon License #: 6262047
Washington License #: 233979
Arizona License # 970818
May’Lene L. Miller
Health Insurance Producer
Oregon License #: 6235773
Washington License #: 221616
Arizona License #: 171811
E-mail: maylene97470@yahoo.com
Patty L. Melvin
Farmers Affiliate
Life, Health and Property
& Casualty Insurance Producer
Oregon License #: 1917972
Washington License #: 830336
E-mail: pattym@ehealthlink.com
April D. McCrory
Operations Technician &
Health Insurance Producer
Oregon License # 6262053
E-mail: aprilm@ehealthlink.com
Mark J. Brady
The Pick Insurance
Life, Health and Property
& Casualty Insurance Producer
Oregon License #: 6260856
Shannon L. Sebastian
Health Insurance Producer
Oregon License #9144084
Washington License #706367
Arizona License #890763
E-mail: shannons@ehealthlink.com
Brandy Watkins
Health Insurance Producer
Oregon License # 9149249
Washington License # 707766
Arizona License # 910725
Health Insurance
Sarah Eilts
Operations Facilitator
Insurance Producer
Oregon License # 16785978
E-mail: sarahe@ehealthlink.com

Jeff is an independent agent we have teamed with to provide a life insurance option for you that we trust.
Call Jeff: 800-809-3467
Jeffrey D. Vodovoz, CLU, ChFC
Life & Health Insurance Producer
California Insurance License #0467338
Alabama license #A249170
Arizona license #199136
Iowa license #289697
Nevada license #201174
Ohio license #690625
Oregon license #746787
PA license #444709
Texas license #1357808
Utah license #316059
Washington license #745021
Jeff has his own website:
Get a free instant life insurance quote
E-mail: jvodovoz@hotmail.com
Bob Cotterell
Bob is an Operations Engineer Consultant
Originally responsible for selecting our computer systems and keeping our network operating efficiently.
Focus: Network Operations and Corporate Advisor
E-mail: bobc@ehealthlink.com