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Finding Yourself Between Health Plans?
Breathe Easier With a Washington Short Term Medical Plan!

Valuable medical protection on a short-term basis is an option that can meet your needs when you are between jobs, waiting for other coverage to start, no longer covered on a parent's plan, attending college, a recent graduate, or other short-term needs. If you are finding yourself in one of the listed scenarios enrolling in a LifeMap, or HCC Life Short-Term policy can fill the gap.

Short Term Health Insurance in Washington provides temporary short term medical insurance coverage for special situations when you need coverage now. Call May'Lene or one of our other knowledgable agents for assistance in choosing a health plan, or explore these plans now, get quotes, and apply online.

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Short term medical insurance is designed to provide medical coverage on a temporary basis to fill a temporary need. It cannot be renewed and is not intended to replace permanaent coverage. If the temporary need continues, in some cases you may apply for one new policy within a 12-month period.

There is no continuous coverage between policies. Any condition that may have existed or occurred under one policy will be a pre-existing condition under the subsequent policy, and therefore, will not be covered under the subsequent policy.

When is short term medical insurance appropriate?

  • Temporary or seasonal workers
  • Recent graduate or no longer on their parents’ plan
  • Between jobs, on leave from work, or recently laid off
  • Temporary or seasonal workers
  • Waiting for an individual policy to get issued
  • Entering the job market
  • Starting a business

Pre-existing conditions These plans are designed to cover any new sickness or injury that occurs while covered on the policy. There is no continuous coverage between policies. Any condition which may have existed or occurred under one policy will be a pre-existing condition under the subsequent policy, and therefore, will not be covered on the subsequent policy.

LifeMap STM – Washington Short Term Major Medical Insurance

The policy effective date will be 12:01 a.m. on the later of the day after the postmark date stamped on the application envelope or the date you request, provided your application and full premium payment are received and your answers on the application are complete and meet the requirements for acceptance by LifeMap.

This policy can be used for medical coverage while traveling abroad.

Reapplying for Coverage: You can reapply for coverage for up to two consecutive 185 day terms, then a 6-month break in coverage is required before reapplying again.

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Short term major medical insurance for individuals or families. Pay by credit card, or print your pre-filled application and mail it in with your check. To begin, please enter your zip code and click on the Get More Info button.

Five year pre-existing condition exclusion.

LifeMap Washington Short Term Medical Brochure and Application
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HCC Life's Short Term Medical is temporary health insurance for individuals under age 65 looking for coverage for themselves or their families during life’s many transitions. With an HCC Life Short Term Medical policy, you choose how the coverage fits your needs or the needs of your family You select the deductible, coinsurance, and length of coverage so you know that you have prepared if an unexpected medical circumstance arises.

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