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Small Business Health Insurance Plans & Benefits – Oregon

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Helping Oregon Business Owners Find the Best Healthcare Plans for their Company

Our agents can easily provide you with health insurance quotes from several different carriers, so you can choose the best plan tailored to meet your company’s needs. As your agent we can assist you with the necessary documents that need to be completed.

Employers in Oregon with fewer than 50 employees do not have to provide health insurance for employees or their dependents. If you do decide to offer health insurance, and many small businesses do, one of our knowledgeable agents can simplify the process.

What You Need to Know About Oregon Small Group Health Insurance

Oregon small groups now include groups of 1 to 50 employees who work on a regularly scheduled basis with a normal work week of at least 17.5 hours per week on the date coverage is to take effect. Owners are no longer considered employees for the purpose of counting the number of eligible employees; however owners may be covered on the group insurance provided they have at least one employee whether that employee waives coverage or not. Self-employed business owners can purchase individual coverage on a guaranteed issue basis in lieu of group coverage. The following persons are not eligible employees: temporary employees; seasonal or substitute employees; and employees employed for fewer than 90 days unless otherwise allowed by the employer.

The number of allowed rating criteria for use in calculating your rates has increased significantly. Which factors an insurance company uses in their rate calculations can have a correspondingly significant impact on your premiums. This will affect existing group premiums on the group's next renewal. The following factors can now affect your rates:

  • Employee Age
  • Dependent Ages
  • Dependent and Employee Tobacco Use
  • Geographic Location of the Business and/or the Employee's Residence
  • Plan Benefit Design
  • How Long You Have Been with the Insurance Company
  • How Much the Employer Contributes to the Cost of Coverage
  • How Many of the Company's Employees are Enrolled in the Plan
  • Medical Claims Experience (+ or - 5%)
  • Participation in a Wellness Program